What happens there? You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. Come and swing by! 

Can I bring my bike to be serviced at the Bike Centre point in Narinkka square?

Yes and no. The Bike Centre point provides the tools to carry out maintenance, but the idea is that the customer carries out the maintenance themselves. This means that you don’t just get your bike serviced, you also learn the skills to do it yourself next time. However, if the repair turns out to be unnecessarily cumbersome, Kampin Metrosuutari cobbler, located beside the Bike Centre, offers bike repairs.

What do I need when I bring my bike to service? 

The Bike Centre provides the necessary tools, including a pumping station, various keys, pliers and chisels. If the problem is, for example, a burst tyre, the customer must purchase a new inner tube themselves to replace the broken one. If you’re not sure what kind of parts your bike needs, feel free to come to the Centre so we can have a look together to see what the problem is. Thanks to the Centre’s good location, spare parts can be purchased nearby. 

How can I get my bike to the Bike Centre easily?

The Bike Centre is easy to get to by metro. Bikes can be transported in all metro wagons, if there is space. At the stations you must use the lifts, and in the metro tunnels you must walk the bike rather than ride it. Bikes can be transported on local trains outside of rush hour, if there is space on the train. Bikes cannot be taken on trains from Mondays to Fridays between 7am and 9am, and 3pm and 6pm. Bikes may not be taken on buses or trams. 

There’s an urgent problem with my bike, but the Bike Centre isn’t open. What should I do?

Tools for carrying out basic bike maintenance can also be found at Metrosuutari in the Kamppi centre, outside of the Bike Centre’s opening hours. Metrosuutari is open Mon–Fri 7am–9pm, Sat 10am–6pm and Sun 12 noon–6pm. 

I’ve got a great idea for a bike-themed event! Can I hold it at the Bike Centre?

Of course! The Bike Centre has a container in Narinkka square for events, where you can hold cycling-related events for free. More information about organising events can be found here.